Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chloe as a Big Sister

This picture has nothing to do with the post. She's just so stinking cute and funny. Always trying to make me laugh.

We made a lot of predictions about how Chloe would adjust to life with a little sister. I always thought she would do well, but she has far exceeded my expectations. At first, she ignored Stella. She only paid attention when she cried. But in the span of a few days she became intrigued. She watched us as we nurtured our new baby and she took in every second of it. She has since become Stella's protector. When Stella cries, Chloe mimics her cry and looks at me like, "Mom, baby's crying. She needs your attention." She always wants to know where Stella is, and won't stop looking for her until she finds her.

Chloe doesn't want anyone messing with her sister. She gets very protective when kids at church or at the YMCA try and sneak a peek at Stella in her car seat. Whenever a kid approaches, Chloe lets out a little yell and looks directly at me. I don't know where that protective instinct comes from, but it's there. It's so sweet.

She also really, really wants to rock her sister in her swing. But it's a little too vigorous and terrifying. And Stella looks at Chloe with fear in her eyes. I have a feeling that's a look we'll see quite often.

My favorite thing is the car. The girls stare at each other. Stella looks at Chloe (even though I really don't think she can see that far).

And Chloe watches Stella like a hawk.
I've never been so proud of my daughter. I'm not sure how at such a young age, she has learned to nurture, but it's there. In a matter of days, it was there.

I just have a feeling that these two will make a perfect pair.


Joe said...

I don't think there is much better than having a sister close in age. What a blessing for your daughters!

Jessica said...

That is so sweet! I am praying that Riley takes to his little sister just as well. I'm getting really nervous about it. I may be coming to your blog for advice soon!! :)

Gena said...

You realize you will have so many people fighting to watch these little girls when you come home.....right? They are so adorable Morg.

OK Chick said...

Oh how sweet! I bet she's a great big sister.

Tamra said...

Your girl comes by it naturally, friend!