Friday, February 26, 2010

The Reason

This is the reason--

(Feeding the girls at the same time)

Why I will never again--

blog, check my email, spend time online, answer my phone (like I would anyway), wash my hair but once a week, wear anything but workout clothes, put together complete sentences, carry on a conversation without saying, "uh...uh...what's that word?", find my abs, get a full night's sleep, walk around without a burp rag on my shoulder, not smell like puke, not smell like poop, or act like a sane person.

See ya in a few years.

I'm officially on my own next week.


OCdeanwife said...

It really does get easier, promise--although I now have a teen so talk to me in a few years as well! Take your current life and throw in a few college crazies and you have my life a few years ago! I miss it like crazy and wouldn't have changed a moment for anything in the world! Can't wait for you to get to OK so I can help, or Paige can! It's the least she can do! You are VERY blessed (and I know you are tired)!

Jessica said...

Bless your heart! That picture is priceless!!

Mandy said...

I feel ya Morg. It does get easier though!