Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bath Time Ponderings

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. Stella's normally napping and Chloe endlessly entertains herself until I drag her out of the tub, pruned and wrinkled.

I love it because I can sit on the bathroom floor and do absolutely nothing. Or sometimes I read. Or surf the internet. Or nap. Totally kidding. Or rock slowly in the corner. I might be kidding about that one. But mainly I just sit and think. Sad I know.

So here's what I've been thinking about.

If the bath is littered with 532 spaggettios, does it really count as a bath?

Why does my daughter think it so funny to drink dirty bath water out of a cup?

That can't be good for her, right?

And finally, why does the bathtub still smell like birthday cake icing? I've scrubbed and scrubbed the bathtub and the smell is still there.
Well, maybe I haven't scrubbed the bathtub. Haven't it in quite a while. But you'd be remiss to think that I haven't thought about it every time I'm in there.

And I've decided that if this is what I think about (when I have the time to sit and think), then I must have 3.58 brain cells left.




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Shannon Stein said...

That is so funny! What is it about bath tub water? Riley loves to drink it too. She drinks it and says "Mmmmmm" and then usually chokes because she has taken too big of a gulp. We now lovingly tell her she is drinking butt water but she's not phased ;)(your girls are beautiful by the way!)