Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Little Dainty

Stella Elizabeth is one month old today. That's right, four weeks of the sweetest little peanut you'll ever meet. This is one laid back girl. She is easy going, and only cries when she's hungry or tired. Other than that, she's happy just to be happy.
I've loved getting to know her personality. I've noticed from the very beginning that she's a dainty little thing. She just seems to do everything in such a prim and proper manner. She even spits up so sweetly. It happens in such a way that she misses her face and spits up all over whoever is holding her. Usually me. And if she does happen to dribble on her face, you must wipe it up quickly, otherwise she gets a little fussy.
She also hates to be naked and really loves it when she's all dressed up. She seems to get extra happy when she's gussied up for church. Okay, so maybe that's not true, but I like to think that is what's going on in that brain of hers.
However, don't be fooled by Little Dainty (this is what she's called most of the time). She is also one tough cookie. She has endured numerous pokes to the eye, voracious pats on the head, and has survived being squashed by a 21 lb. toddler who wants nothing more than to love on her.
But that's how you feel when you're around this turkey. You want nothing more than to love on her.
She's just that sweet.
And dainty.

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