Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason No. 52

I think Jason's going to send me back into the workforce so that someone else can care for our children. I've made more mistakes with the girls this week. The first involved Chloe and the car floorboard, and the second I can't even talk about. I can't look at myself in the mirror. And I cry whenever I think about it. But I will tell you that it included a tired mom at 2 in the morning, a couch, a 6-week old who likes to roll off said couch, and the living room floor. Geez, I might be the worst mom yet.

This is how Jason was greeted when he came home from work yesterday.

Apparently, amongst all of my other inadequacies, I can't even keep our kids properly clothed.
Bare naked Chloe who is stuck with a mom like me.

But look at her face. She is happy, isn't she?

So happy.

And she didn't pee on the floor. Which is always a good thing.

And when this picture was taken, Little Dainty was sound asleep on the edge of the couch...just kidding, she was in her crib. I think.

And I can only hope that my children are having sweet dreams about how much they're loved. Even though they're probably having nightmares of falling through the air to unexpectedly meet the hard ground.

I hope that they know, however many mistakes we (I) make, we love them more than they know.

And I hope that I remember, however many mistakes I make, my girls know that they are loved.

And for right now, that's all that matters.


Tara Hicks said...

Take heart! Somedays I wonder if my children will survive me...and other days I wonder if I will survive them...any honest mom has too many stories to share that sound very similar to yours...thank you for your transparency. you daughters are beautiful!

Mandy said...

That happened to both my girls. Viv rolled off the bed once and Vi rolled off the couch just yesterday. Thank goodness I had the ottoman pulled up to the edge of the couch so she didn't hit the floor!

Tamra said...

Hang in there, Morg. I think God makes babies especially resilient in order to survive the sleep-deprived parent phase. Plus, that whole infant amnesia thing will cover a multitude of "oopsie" moments. Just be sure to delete incriminating blog posts. :)

Walt & Saundra said...

This post almost made me cry (in a good way). You should write a book for mom's. Thanks for being real, and helping me not feel so alone in my inadequacy (sp?) as a mother of two...super loved, not always clothed, girls.
PS. You're so lucky your girls have straight hair!! It's less apparent when it hasn't been my girls. :)