Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day in the Park

...or an hour in the park. Because Stella is dainty. And she doesn't really prefer the sun, or the wind, or outdoorsy things. And so she was banished to the stoller. Which she loved. Chloe had an awesome time. She saw dogs playing and said, "do (dog), do, do, arf, arf, arf." But she didn't like the grass. Or walking on the grass. And she wanted me to hold her because she was scared of the grass. (Which I loved more than anything). And it was hot. And I was wearing jeans. And there was a creepy guy that was smoking who was hanging around, and I decided to get away from that creepy, smokey guy. But we had fun. We enjoyed the nature that God created just for us.

Don't you wish you had this kind of joy?

Just to see trees.

I have that kind of joy when I see my babies.

God's perfect creations.


Gena said...

Morg, these pictures are stunning. Beautiful lighting.

Mandy said...

Girl, that second picture is for real! Love it, you're so good!

Jaime said...

It looks gorgeous there!

Angie said...

Stella looks so much like Jason in some of these...gosh, I can't wait to have you and your gorgeous girls back where you belong!!

Katie said...

Love your photography in the park! Great lighting!