Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Follicle Lashley

Chloe had a mullet. Like a major mullet. For the past few weeks my thoughts have been these:
  • It's not really a mullet.
  • Okay, it might be a mullet, but she'll grow into it.
  • Eventually the front of her hair will grow into the same length as the party in the back.
  • Maybe not.
  • I need to get her hair cut.
  • She'll grow into it.
  • If she gets her hair cut, it means that she's growing up and I can't deal with that.
  • Get it cut.
  • I can't.
  • My daughter can totally rock a mullet (much like her dad and uncles did back in the day...but they did it by choice. She doesn't have a choice.)
Hair Inspired by: Andre Agassi, The Glory/Mullet Years

Anyway, I pulled myself together, took her to a kid salon (that was really, really yellow), and did away with the mullet.

First haircut. In pictures. And yes, I might have shed a little tear with each snip.

Pretty darn cute, if you ask me. What, you didn't ask? Well I'm telling you anyway.


Allison said...

SOOOOOO cute!!!

Dara said...

Andre Agassi's mullet was apparently a stapled on wig so at least they have good natural hair growth. She looks so grown up!!

Mandy said...

She looks sooo cute! I've cut Vi's mullet off a couple of times. Thanks for the Jason mullet flashback. That's the real Jason that I'll always remember!

Mandy said...
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Anonymous said...

Very Cute !