Saturday, May 29, 2010

Someone's in Their Skinny Jeans.

These cute little denim leggings were originally given to Chloe when she was 6 months old by her beloved Aunt Kenna. But let's be honest. Chloe only wore them once because she busted out of the poor things.

Hopefully Stella will get a little more wear out of them.

But let's be honest. Soon enough she'll be busting out of the poor things.

These girls may be the spitting image of their daddy, but there are a couple of things they got from me.

Chunky baby-hood and chunky thighs.

One will last during their baby stage and one will last indefinitely.

Lucky girls.

Friday, May 28, 2010

I think I just composed a poem.

Sisters are there to push you in the stroller when your mom is too busy packing.

And sisters are there when you get stuck in the grass.

And when one sister is melting down because the stroller is no longer in motion.

The other one is melting down because she can't figure out how to get you moving again.

I thought I would have a cute and clever way to wrap this post up, but I got nothing. So there you have it. A poem (of sorts) and a few pictures; which is never what I intended for this post to be. And I thought by the time I wrote that I didn't have a clever way to end this post, I would think of something, delete the last few sentences and dazzle you with my witty writing.

But I got...


Still nothing.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where You'll Find Me These Days.

You'll find me in the girls' room, changing diapers.

Yesterday, I changed 582 diapers. And I only exaggerate slightly.

Because I change, on average, 582 diapers a day, I figured I could cut that number in half by attempting to potty train one of them.

Stella never caught on, so I decided to try it with Chloe.

So now you'll find me in the bathroom. Reading books, playing beauty shop with hairbows, sitting patiently and cheering at every tiny success.

I don't know if this will work, but it never hurts to try. And if you don't see a post about what a success my potty training venture was until two years from now, pretend this never happened.

Oh, and guess where you'll find me in a few weeks.

In Oklahoma. Permanently.

Which is why the lack of posts may dwindle until we get moved. I'm too busy packing. Or procrastinating about packing.

But you'll find us in Oklahoma nonetheless. Yippee!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My sister recently posted this video on my facebook page. Not sure if I should be offended or flattered. Either way, this is really funny...and will probably be a reality for us someday. Especially the rapping and dancing. I love rapping and dancing.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you fabulous mamas out there!

But especially to my mom. Who is the best woman I know.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Joint Baby Book.

I hereby declare this blog, Chloe & Stella's Baby Book. And it's a joint baby book. Chloe's baby book is collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, and Stella, my precious Stella, I haven't bought one for you yet.

I'll pay for their therapy later on in life.

Since the girls do everything together, I decided that it was time for them to start taking their baths together. Chloe LOVED it. I mean, loved it. When she wasn't leaning over Stella in her bath saying, "goo-ba-doo-ba-doo-ga-ga-goo," (which I'm pretty sure means, "let's have a meltdown at the exact same time to make mom crazy") she showed Stella all of her bath time tricks.

Showing her how to splash:

How to play with toys:

How to drink dirty bath water out of a cup:

And maybe the most important lesson of all. How to pose for the camera:

Stella looked like this the entire bath. I couldn't tell if she was thoroughly entertained or thoroughly terrified. Maybe a little of both. Actually, 15% entertained, 85% terrified.

After the bath Stella recovered by snuggling in her towel.

Chloe recovered by reading a book while walking. Naked of course.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cause

..of her perpetually runny nose, upset stomach, low-grade fever, fussiness, more fussiness, the need to gnaw on everything imaginable, and a night of sleeplessness that makes me shudder at the thought of it.

This little bud of a tooth. Her first tooth.

What, you can't see it? Let me zoom in. (Please excuse the hard boiled egg on the nose)
You still can't see it? It's there. I promise. And I know what you're thinking. Her first tooth at nearly 14 months old? Isn't that a little on the young side?

I have a feeling that she might be the youngest person in the history of mankind to get their first tooth. I'm calling Guinness Book of World Records as I type. They're interested in this kind of stuff, right? No? You're not either?

Until the next tooth...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating the Firsts.

Stella LAUGHED for the first time yesterday. She was laughing at me, so I'm really not surprised that she found something so hilarious.

It was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

It was the first, but certainly not the last.

Chloe picked her nose and ATE a booger for the first time (I think) yesterday. Quite possibly one of the most humbling moments of my life. Other kids do this, but my daughter?

It was one of the grossest/funniest things I've ever seen.

It was the first, but I am certain...actually 100% positive, that it won't be the last.
This picture was taken right before the finger went in the nose, and then the mouth. I was too shocked to take a picture of the actual event. It's probably better that way.