Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cause

..of her perpetually runny nose, upset stomach, low-grade fever, fussiness, more fussiness, the need to gnaw on everything imaginable, and a night of sleeplessness that makes me shudder at the thought of it.

This little bud of a tooth. Her first tooth.

What, you can't see it? Let me zoom in. (Please excuse the hard boiled egg on the nose)
You still can't see it? It's there. I promise. And I know what you're thinking. Her first tooth at nearly 14 months old? Isn't that a little on the young side?

I have a feeling that she might be the youngest person in the history of mankind to get their first tooth. I'm calling Guinness Book of World Records as I type. They're interested in this kind of stuff, right? No? You're not either?

Until the next tooth...


OK Chick said...

She has the best smile, and congrats on the first tooth!

Summer said...

That's so funny. I just assumed you were talking about Stella getting a tooth and I was less surprised then it being Chloe.

Nicole said...

She and Stella both are beautiful girls. Congrats on Chloe getting her tooth.

Steven said...
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