Friday, May 28, 2010

I think I just composed a poem.

Sisters are there to push you in the stroller when your mom is too busy packing.

And sisters are there when you get stuck in the grass.

And when one sister is melting down because the stroller is no longer in motion.

The other one is melting down because she can't figure out how to get you moving again.

I thought I would have a cute and clever way to wrap this post up, but I got nothing. So there you have it. A poem (of sorts) and a few pictures; which is never what I intended for this post to be. And I thought by the time I wrote that I didn't have a clever way to end this post, I would think of something, delete the last few sentences and dazzle you with my witty writing.

But I got...


Still nothing.



chase said...

that is about the age that i learned how to push the lawnmower

Morgandi said...

Chase, you're a freak.