Monday, September 13, 2010

When in Rome....Eat Pizza!

I promised you with my last Rome post, that I would soon write about the best meal I have ever had. And when I tell you it was THE BEST, I do not lie.

WARNING: If you do not like to see pictures of people, eating, inhaling, and basically snorting food, do not, I repeat, DO NOT keep reading.

So when we left off, I was the wary traveler. But I hit my stride after our jaunt around Rome. And I really felt like I needed to pack up my girls and move there when we sat down to eat dinner that night.

We found this little pizza place that evening.


Jason ordered a pizza with porcini mushrooms.


And I ordered the margherita pizza.


And let me tell you, I have never eaten something so fresh, so delicious and something so quickly. Because my husband could not believe the passion with which I ate this pizza, he captured it all on film. I mean look at me! I look like a teenage boy going through a growth spurt.

Picnik collage

And to give you the up close and personal, because I know you want the up close and personal. I give you utter happiness, inhalation and delight. All over a pizza. A pizza I still dream about and salivate over today.

Pizza Collage2

It was so good I polished off the whole thing. And I shouldn't lead you astray here. I can eat massive amounts of food in one sitting, so this really isn't a surprise, it's just an integral part of the story.


I feel like my husband lost his "man card" (because men need some sort of card) over my last post about him falling asleep while caring for our children, and I'm afraid I'm not going to help him out here. Here's his "finished" pizza.


He should be ashamed of himself.

And when he asked this guy for a to-go bag.


He just laughed at him, and said in Italian, "You sucker. Your wife just ate more than you did. Why can't you finish your little pizza, you weenie. No to-go bag for you!"

And we left without his pizza, because the Italian guy never gave us the to-go bag.

The end.

Sweet dreams.

I don't know how I'm going to live my life without this pizza.

And I promise to never, ever, ever again post such disgusting pictures on my blog.

At least until tomorrow.


Emily said...

When I was in Rome, after we first got there, we went and ate some pizza. And then immediately went to another place and ate more pizza. Recently on facebook I said I wanted to go back for the food. I mean, the culture and history is great but I need some real gelato.

I'm very jealous of your trip.

OK Chick said...

Now I'm hungry, and all I have to eat is oatmeal! I might have to have pizza for lunch.

I love seeing the pictures from your trip.

Miranda said...

YUM. When we went to Rome we couldn't finish a bottle of wine and the waiter did the same thing... he called us weak and told us he wouldn't bring the check until we finished the bottle. By the way, I think we live by each other!

Dara said...

Well now I miss Europe AND I'm hungry.

Gena said...

I have got to get back to Italy. And I love that last picture of you!

Shelly Essary said...

This was an awesome post! So funny! I loved all the pictures! Reminded me of the those wonderful 10 lbs I happily packed on while in Italy myself eating, eating and more eating! ;)