Friday, October 15, 2010

Because I Simply Cannot Resist Stella in a Tutu

I have to share 456 pictures of Stella. Because I simply have no self control when it comes to posting pictures of my girls. But you already knew that anyway.

This girl melts my heart every time I look at her. Hold her. Kiss her. I mean, look at those chunky arms. How am I supposed to resist those chunky arms?


And I simply cannot resist the funny and dramatic faces she makes. I have no idea where she learned that from. Maybe from me. Maybe her sister. Yes, probably from me. Definitely from her sister. I should keep those two separated.


And I simply cannot resist those blue eyes. Those dimples. Those sweet, little lips. And that crazy duck hair that I cannot tame.


And I simply cannot resist her. I love her more than I could ever imagine. And it's true what they say. There's more than enough room in your heart to love more than one child. I never imagined it possible, but it is.


She's a perfect fit in this crazy, little family of ours. Poor kid. She has no hope.

But you already knew that anyway.


Paige said...

A beautiful baby in a tutu equals perfection in my eyes! What a precious girl!

Allison said...

She is absolutely adorable! Oh my word, she is so cute. I agree, chunky baby arms are so cute...and chunky baby thighs. You guys have beautiful children!!

Mandy said...

I've finally figured out why you like me! I've got chunky arms! I need to borrow that tutu, stat.

Jessica said...

She is beautiful! I love her big blue eyes! And aren't chunky babies just the best?! I think my Averly takes the cake (literally) when it comes to that though--7 months old & 22 lbs!!! I can barely lift her some days!