Thursday, October 7, 2010

They Cannot Be Trusted

The other day, we were getting ready to leave. So I did our normal "leaving the house" routine. Milk in sippy cup. Formula in bottle. Pack the bags. Search for my keys. Search for my phone. Search for my sanity. Round up the girls. Change dirty diapers. Put Stella in her car seat. Let Chloe roam around the house. Tell her to search for my keys, because they're inevitably in her bed under her pillow...but that's a whole other topic for a whole other post.

And then I take our bags out to the car.

And then I come back in and get the girls. And we leave.

Usually it runs like clockwork. But this time was different. After taking the bags out to the car, I opened the door and heard hysterical laughing.

I walked over to find this scene.

Notice the tiny hands and feet underneath Chloe.

And you think that Stella would hate being smashed to smithereens by her big sister.

But she thought it was hilarious.
These girls are already having way too much fun. Trouble, if you ask me.


Jaime said...

Precious! There is something so heart-melting about hearing your kids laugh together...even when they are being naughty.

Michelle said...

I think I've seen that scene before....except I'm no where as cool and collected to take a picture....but 30 lbs. on about 11 (if she's lucky) doesn't usually result in laughter....