Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Turning into My Mother: Part One

Titled: Repeating things your mother says.

I was at the Starbucks drive through today (only because I have a gift card, I'm too cheap otherwise), I gave my order of a small (I refuse to say tall) non-fat latte, and the ever-so chipper Starbucks guy said, "That sounds scrumptious!!!! I'll whip that up for you right away!!!! Pull around and I'll give you your total."

I swear that I heard birds chirping as rainbows were being painted across the sky by magical fairies.

I convinced myself that the sugar from the 500 mochas he must have consumed that day had ravaged his brain. That had to be the excuse for his enthusiasm.

When I pulled up to the window, the chipper kitten handed me my drink. He looked really nice. Really, really nice. And I felt bad for thinking bad thoughts about him and for obnoxiously rolling my eyes 86 times while he was taking my order. (I'm in a really bad mood before my morning coffee.)

As he handed me my drink I said, "Thank you so much. You seem like a really nice young man."

Let me repeat that. You seem like a really nice young man.

Let it sink in. You seem like a really nice young man.

I'm officially 82.

And I'm pretty sure that I hid my face, while poking myself in the eyeball as I drove away in disbelief.

And I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes 86 times while I drove away for the following reasons: I might have been a little rude to him. I hadn't washed my hair in 5 days. I had two screaming babies in the backseat. I was the youngest looking 82 year old he'd ever seen. And I said... You seem like a really nice young man.

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Whitney said...

Haha, I guess it's inevitable (as I'm finding out too) even though we tell ourselves we'll never be like them!

Ryan and Katie said...


Shelly Essary said...

This blog makes me laugh out loud! Thanks for all the humor! I think I had that same exact thought about not washing my hair in 5 days this morning in the shower! Too funny. So happy I am reading this... I need a good laugh often!

Mandy said...

This may be my favorite post ever!

Jessica said...

Awesome! Love it, along with all of your other hilarious stories!

Crissa Lucero said...

LMAO! Love this entry!
Hi there Morgandi! I love your blog! You have an adorable family. =)

Gena said...

I love this post Morg. Turning into YOUR Mom isn't such a bad thing. She's precious.