Friday, November 5, 2010

Lions and Monkeys and Pacis

I've decided that Halloween is not intended for an 8-month old, a 19-month old, and a mom who is not crafty or creative or who procrastinates about Halloween up until the very last minute.

As you know, Halloween is celebrated in the evening. And my babies are in bed in the evening. 7:00 PM to be exact. And if they are not eating dinner at 6:00 PM, having their baths at 6:30 PM, and in bed by 7:00 PM, they are grumpy. Beyond grumpy. They are a little scary. Which I guess for Halloween, is spot on.

So when, at 6:00 PM, I was putting on their costumes and not feeding them dinner, it was a little perplexing for the girls. And the meltdowns commenced, and did not stop until 9:30 PM, when they finally hit the sack.

This year Chloe was a lion and Stella was a monkey. I'm just awesomely original like that. I should have tried Stella's costume on sooner than right before we left the house, because we had a little situation. I just assumed that Chloe's costume from last year would fit her, but I somehow forgot that Stella is tall and has grown out of her 6-9 month clothing (which Chloe wore until a few minutes ago). So the costume was a little tight and we could barely fit the monkey head over her head. And when we did fit it over her head, we had a little "camel diaper" situation. And if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, you should count yourself lucky. The camel diaper sent me straight back to when I was a kid wearing one-piece swimsuits. A one-piece swimsuit is wonderful, but it's a nightmare to wear when you're long-waisted like me. They just ride up oh, so badly in a certain area. And unfortunately, I'm digressing, so I'll stop now.

Here are some pictures of the girls and I. They looked so cute!

And one of the family. I love the way the girls look at the camera.

And a picture with their crazy uncle and awesome aunt.

And the sweetest moment of the night, when their awesome aunt got a sweet little lion kiss. She doesn't hand those out freely. She only kisses if she really feels it.

And of course someone had to have a little meltdown and threw herself down on the ground while trick-or-treating.

But instead of getting upset, I seized the photographic opportunity to get a cute shot. Then I immediately spanked her little lion tail.

And a beautiful picture of her and her Ya Ya.

To top the night off, we went to a Halloween party where the dressing up theme was "Something That Scares You". So naturally, we dressed up as our children. I was Chloe and Jason was Stella. We had their names on our shirts, bows in our hair, and pacis attached to our shirts. This was the most important element of the costume, because you will never find them without pacis attached to their shirts. It's a way of survival around here.

When Chloe saw our shirts, she freaked out. She was beyond obsessed with the paci on my shirt, and I had to hold her while all night while she sucked on the paci. It was really funny. At one point I told Jason, "This is the closest I ever want to be to breast-feeding again." Not that I don't want to have kids again. I do. I just like the bottle. Love the bottle. Can't live without the bottle.

She looks a little confused, doesn't she? And I don't know why I thought that she could wear makeup without smearing it all over everywhere.

So that pretty much sums up our Halloween this year. Full of fun, chaos, and meltdowns. Which is just a regular day around this house. Hopefully next year, I'll be a little more prepared. And hopefully I won't use the phrase "camel diaper" when describing my daughter's costume.

We can always hope, people, we can always hope.


Ben and Addie said...

So, um, how un creative does it make me that I think the costumes are absolutely adorable? I do. You all look great!

Amy said...

Ohmigosh!! I am dying about the camel-diaper! Hilarious.