Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peas are Good.

While I only contributed about .5% of the girls' genetic makeup (thank goodness, right?), I did pass on their love of food. But more importantly their love of eating food.

In fact, they enjoy their food so much, the sing the entire time while eating.

Here's a little video of the girls eating peas last night. And keep in mind, they're eating peas. Not cake. Not cookies. Not a vat of ice cream (which is my personal favorite). But just plain ol' peas.

And at one point, you'll see Chloe reach for her sister's tray. This is a normal occurrence. Except that she normally pulls the high chair over right next to her and eats Stella's food as well. Maybe something she also picked up from me.

But the freakish upper body strength. I can guarantee (and anyone who's ever seen my try to open up a jar of pickles) that did not come from me.


Erick said...

uhhh.....I don't think you're gonna be able to take any 1/2 percentages away from Jason for their love of food. Furthermore, you definitely need not give away any of your percentages over to Jason for any amount of upper body strength they may have.

Lynn Valdez said...


Gena said...

That is the noisiest pea eating session I have ever heard. That is great Morg.