Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Thing this Idiot Mom Likes to Call Overstimulation.

When you take their favorite thing in the world, a Christmas tree, and place it on the dresser in their room.


Only to be accompanied by their third favorite thing in the world, Christmas lights. Their second favorite thing is their Daddy.


And then you take their favorite animal figurines.

A pair of cats that are normally housed in a birdcage on their dresser. (Maybe strange, but I think it's so funny. Cats in a birdcage. Get it? Am I the only one laughing at the hilarity of it all? Probably. I'm usually the only one laughing at my jokes.)


And a few...well, I'm not really sure what that is. Maybe a jackelope?


And you cover those figurines in Christmas lights.

And then you drape everything on their dresser in brightly-colored Christmas lights.


And when the girls freak out about their Christmasy room, your heart bursts with joy.

So you leave the Christmas explosion on while they fall asleep, because it's cozy. And you're clearly stupid.

And then you try to figure out why it takes your girls two hours to fall asleep when it normally takes them 20 minutes. Nothing comes to mind. And they are passing the time by playing peekaboo, screaming, laughing, crying and whipping their hair back and forth.

But eventually they fall asleep, and you think, "that was weird."

And then you repeat the same routine not one, not two, but three nights in a row.

And on the third night you think, "maybe it's the Christmas lights."

So you unplug them. And they fall right asleep.

And it only took you four nights to figure this out. Four. Not 30 minutes on the first night. But four whole nights.

Someone's an idiot.


Allison Harms said...

That Christmasy room looks so fun! I wish my room was like that. and you are NOT an idiot! I wish I had a Christmasy room...

Holly said...

I LOVE it--and your girls are blessed little girls to have you for their mommy :)