Friday, December 10, 2010

What Can I Say?

She has a thing for trees. Like, real trees. Nature trees. Remember this post?

So you'd better believe when we put up a tree, with lights, and balls (as she calls them), and a star to top it off, she basically lost her mind. She danced and screamed and danced and screamed and danced and screamed for about two hours straight. And even after all that cardio, she was still too wired to go to bed.

Stella zonked out before we even got the tree out of the box.

So we stayed up really late with her, watched her and laughed at (with her) and watched and laughed at (with her) and watched her Christmas tizzy.

Christmas Tree

And it was one of the best nights. Ever.


Allison Harms said...

So incredibly adorable. I mean, come on. You can see her joy radiating through the computer. Love it!

Michelle said...

This is so sweet!! Don't you love it when they give you moments like these?

Gena said...

Wow Morg. These are beautiful pictures. How do you make your collages?

Aubrie said...

That is hilarious!