Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's All Too Familiar

The other day I was getting Stella dressed, and when I put her shirt (18-month size, I might add) on her, I realized that the shirt was short on her. There she was- stomach hanging out. And it sent me reeling into my past.


The image of Stella sent me back specifically to my sophomore year of high school. You see, I am very long-waisted. I have always had trouble finding shirts that are long enough. And not being the type that likes to purposely bare my midriff, I have spent my entire life figuring out ways to wear shirts that are plenty long enough.

This particular day, I was called to the counselor's office. Being a perfectionist/goody-two shoes, this shook me to my core. What had I done? I couldn't even imagine. When I walked into her office, she said that she had seen me earlier in the hallway with my midriff showing. I was mortified. In no way was this intentional. I just hadn't perfected the "finding-shirts-that-are-plenty-long-enough" technique. It would still take me a couple of years. And to mortify me even more, she made me raise my arms above my head to prove the point that if I were to raise my hands above my head, my shirt should not reveal any skin. Easy for her to say with her midget-sized torso.


So she sent me home to change my shirt. I cried the whole way home and the whole back to school. I even think I put on one of my 6' 6'' brother's t-shirts just to ensure that that would never happen again. When she saw me later that day with an XXL shirt down to my knees, I think she felt bad. Which she should've, making me raise my hands above my embarrassed face and all.


So the other day when I saw my daughter, I saw myself. And I tried to make her raise her hands above her head to warn her that this could happen to her in the future. But she just laughed. And continued chewing on her pen. And I began lecturing her on good fashion, modesty and the beauty of extra-long tank tops from old navy.


And she just laughed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Jack has stolen my heart.

My brother and beautiful sister-in-law, Matt and Jessi had their baby boy this past weekend. His name is Jackson Lee Whitehead and he was born on January 22nd after a really long labor. Jessi is a rockstar. He weighed 7 lbs, 3 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches long. And let me tell you, he is perfect! I mean, if I've ever seen a beautiful newborn, this one is it. He is sweet and perfect and new and has that newborn baby smell. I'm so happy that he is here and I cannot wait to be a part of his life. Here are a few pictures of precious, Baby Jack.

More pictures to come. And a couple of stories about how my sister and I are complete freaks.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Walking Stella

As you can assume by my title, Stella is walking! To celebrate this monumental event and to celebrate the fact that I actually made a video with music, I present a list.

1. If you haven't already heard, I made a video with music. I decided that for the girls' birthdays, I would do a video with pictures, videos and music. So I practiced with this one. It took me an hour to figure out how to add music. And I'm sure that it will take me a few weeks of You Tube tutorials for me to learn how to do the whole thing. If anyone wants to offer me a free iMovie tutorial, I'll take you up on it.

2. My baby is walking. My BABY. I can still call her this for a couple of weeks.

3. I love how Chloe is so excited that her sister is walking. She is really happy every time she sees her walk. It's really cute. And it also makes it easier for Chloe to push her down. It's a new favorite game around our house.

4. I think it's great that when Stella falls down, she gets right back up. That's my girl.

5. I also think it's great that she only stops walking to pick up a blueberry off the floor and eat it. That's definitely my girl. I'll always break to eat.

6. I also think it's great that I'm only now realizing that she picked up food off the kitchen floor and ate it. And I didn't stop her. Because that's just how I roll.

7. I made a video with music.

8. I'm super annoying.

9. Sorry.

10. That's just how I roll.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Public Humiliation for the New Year

How did God help me ring in the New Year? By publicly humiliating me of course. And really it wasn't His fault. It was my daughters' fault. Which I guess they're His fault. And my fault. And Jason's fault. It really is a vicious circle. Let us not get lost in the details.

The girls and I were at Crest one morning and they have carts with double seats in the front. And it's genius. It really is the only place I can take the girls by myself without a Valium. The girls looked a little something like this.

Except imagine them a few months older, with pants and long sleeves and jackets and hats and socks and shoes. And they weren't this happy. In fact, they were dreadful. Saying that they were grumpy and upset doesn't even begin to describe it. It was one of those rare shopping trips where I'm basically running through the aisles, foregoing my shopping list, throwing everything in the cart, saying a few Hail Mary's, and hiding my face in shame while others looked at us with disgust. We were "those people" and I was "that mother". It was awful.

We finally made it up to the registers and of course they were all full with lines that were miles long. So we waited and I hid, and I even considered abandoning them for a few seconds. But I decided I didn't have it in me. We finally made it up to the register. I threw everything onto that conveyer-belt thingy. While I was doing this I can hear the girls behind me in the cart laughing hysterically. Still in a hurry and not interested in what they were laughing about, I kept loading our groceries on that thingy. What is that called? Anyhow, I begin to hear the people behind us laughing. And the people behind them. And the people behind them. It was at this very moment that I knew my face was going to be extremely red in a matter of seconds.

So I finally turn around to this scene. And take this as a warning about snap button shirts. Chloe was turned to Stella, and she had completely unbuttoned her snap button shirt. Her poor little chest and tummy were bare to the world. But that's not what they were laughing about. Chloe was pulling Stella's little baby-fat-booby and Stella was tossing her head back while laughing hysterically. And as she continued to tickle her sister in this embarrassing way, everybody behind us continued to laugh. I have never been so embarrassed. To halt the tickling, I ran to the girls and buttoned up Stella's shirt. I never said a word to anyone. I never made eye contact. And I know my face was so red that I looked like I was about to burst.

Public humiliation count for 2011? 1. And I have a feeling it's only just begun.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

And I almost titled this post, "Out with the Old, In with the Shoe." Embarrassing? Cute? Cliche? I don't know. And I probably shouldn't admit that I almost titled this with that name, but I tend to spill the beans on this thing, so my apologies....for the faux title and the over-sharing.


I know what you're thinking. "Why does this lady have a picture of running shoes. And is that a couch? Did she put her shoes on the couch? Has she no shame?"


I was just trying to take a quick picture and that's the best I could do.

I got a new pair of running shoes for Christmas. I know you're sooooooooo jealous. However, I was so excited. I have needed a new pair of running shoes for about two years. It was getting to the point where I felt like I was running on pancakes. My red shoes had just about had it. And who can blame them? In these shoes I have partly trained for a marathon. I was half-way through my training when I found out I was pregnant. And then I did a lot of slow running and a lot of walking. After I gave birth, I contemplated training for another marathon. Then I found out I was pregnant. Back to the slow running and walking. I have thought about 'contemplating' running another marathon, but I'm terrified I'll get pregnant just contemplating the idea. They have graced the streets of Chicago, Cleveland and my home in Oklahoma. They have seen me gain weight, lose weight and have helped keep me sane during this super transitional time in my life. I fell in love with running in these shoes. And as stupid as it sounds...I felt really sad about sending them to the trash can.

I guess it just made me think about where I'd been in those shoes. The lessons I learned and the person I've become. It was just me and Jason when I bought those shoes. And now I'm constantly referred to as Chloe and Stella's mom. Crazy. Transitions are usually never easy. Change, for me is disconcerting. And as I put on my new shoes, I couldn't help but think about the places they will take me.

I feel a sense of newness in this year. And while it has been busy and crazy, and I feel like I just now have time to sit down and reflect (a.k.a. write a ridiculously long blog post), I hope that I can continue to learn and grow and go where God wants me to be. As a control freak, I find it hard to let go and trust, but that's what I'm trying to do. I hope that I can transition from 'living away from home' to 'being back home' more seamlessly. And I hope that in my life that is forever surrounded by shoes and my love (and now my daughter's love) of them, that I can be someone that is proud to walk in them. And maybe someday, my daughter's would be proud to walk in them too.

And before I wrap this up, I should probably admit that my old pair of shoes are still sitting in my closet. They never made it to the trash can.

But they really should.

You know they stink to high heaven. It's worse than a High School football locker room.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Race is On

Someone took their first steps today.

She walked to me, from me. Try that on for size.

Not officially walking everywhere as of yet, but it's coming. I can feel it. She's got that crazy look in her eye.

And I'm lacing up my running shoes as we speak.

Oh who am I kidding. I've worn them all day anyway.

I seriously need to stop wearing my workout clothes all day.

And I need to start showering more regularly.

The End. Until next week, which I have deemed, "Getting Back into Blogging Week." Consider yourself warned.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Favorite Picture

Here's my entry for Mandy's photo contest.

I think I've given myself an ulcer trying to decide my favorite picture of the year. Italy? Chloe? Stella? Shoes? Me, stuffing my face with pizza? I just don't know! So instead of driving myself crazy, I'm choosing the picture that I keep coming back to. And I know you're going to be shocked, but it's NOT A PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTERS. Let me repeat. NOT A PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTERS. See? I do have some self control.

But it's of my niece. So that's about as close as you can get. I'll call it, semi-self control.

So here it is. This was an improptu picture. And I can't take credit for it's beauty.

It was all this sweet, little girl.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Heart Faces- Smile

This is a picture of my precious niece, Addi. She has such a beautiful smile!


For more of the story read the newest post, above.