Monday, January 10, 2011

Favorite Picture

Here's my entry for Mandy's photo contest.

I think I've given myself an ulcer trying to decide my favorite picture of the year. Italy? Chloe? Stella? Shoes? Me, stuffing my face with pizza? I just don't know! So instead of driving myself crazy, I'm choosing the picture that I keep coming back to. And I know you're going to be shocked, but it's NOT A PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTERS. Let me repeat. NOT A PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTERS. See? I do have some self control.

But it's of my niece. So that's about as close as you can get. I'll call it, semi-self control.

So here it is. This was an improptu picture. And I can't take credit for it's beauty.

It was all this sweet, little girl.


Mandy said...

Love it! You should enter it into I Heart Faces this week, it's about Smiles!

Holly said...

Beautiful picture of a beautiful girl :)