Friday, January 21, 2011

Walking Stella

As you can assume by my title, Stella is walking! To celebrate this monumental event and to celebrate the fact that I actually made a video with music, I present a list.

1. If you haven't already heard, I made a video with music. I decided that for the girls' birthdays, I would do a video with pictures, videos and music. So I practiced with this one. It took me an hour to figure out how to add music. And I'm sure that it will take me a few weeks of You Tube tutorials for me to learn how to do the whole thing. If anyone wants to offer me a free iMovie tutorial, I'll take you up on it.

2. My baby is walking. My BABY. I can still call her this for a couple of weeks.

3. I love how Chloe is so excited that her sister is walking. She is really happy every time she sees her walk. It's really cute. And it also makes it easier for Chloe to push her down. It's a new favorite game around our house.

4. I think it's great that when Stella falls down, she gets right back up. That's my girl.

5. I also think it's great that she only stops walking to pick up a blueberry off the floor and eat it. That's definitely my girl. I'll always break to eat.

6. I also think it's great that I'm only now realizing that she picked up food off the kitchen floor and ate it. And I didn't stop her. Because that's just how I roll.

7. I made a video with music.

8. I'm super annoying.

9. Sorry.

10. That's just how I roll.


Gena said...

Would you be mad at me that I just told Erick, "It's a little walking Jason." That is the perfect song for your first walking Stella video. Love it.

Morgandi said...

Nope. I've come to terms with the fact that they are both walking Jasons.