Monday, February 28, 2011

Beef No More

In response to last Friday's pathetic post...

Well, it's aparent that someone at Crest reads my blog. I'm assuming that it's someone high up in the company. Probably a man. Lots of men read my blog. They are my target audience after all.

Anyway, I know that the CEO of Crest reads my blog because he did not let a sleeping monkey lie. In fact, that same afternoon we drove by and the monkey was awake. Someone in our car let out a scream of joy, followed by her children letting out a scream or two. And I'm pretty sure that their screaming was an attempt to let me know that they are utterly embarrassed by me. I will continue to tell myself that they think I'm the coolest person they know.

To really send the embarrassment factor over the top, I made my husband stop to take a picture of us in front of the gorilla.

And here we are. In all of our glory.

In a grocery store parking lot.

Posing with an inflatable gorilla.

And I'll never tell you which girl was the happiest.

But it was me.

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