Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'll Shovel/Let Me Out!

I would love to tell you that I'm one of those people who loves it when a good snow storm hits. And I would love to tell you that when such a snow storm hits that results in everything being shut down, schools cancelled, cities closed; which also results in you being homebound for 3 straight days, that I am the type of person who thrives. Who loves staying indoors, breaking routine. Who uses the opportunity to watch tons of TV, movies, to stay in my pajamas, to organize every closet, to clean every corner of my house, to cook magnificent meals in which I thoroughly planned, and who does not let my children or the fact that we have spent every waking minute together, in our house, together for the past three days drive me crazy.


This is not me.


I organized our spices. That's as far as I got.


Don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed it. At least the first 24 hours were really fun. But I'm starting to feel the cabin fever. And I know that my girls are feeling it too.


So when Jason told me yesterday that we needed to shovel the driveway, I jumped at the chance. After finally convincing him that I needed to do it, I spent 30 blissful minutes outside working my booty... or more specifically, my arms off.


I thought about the winters we spent in Chicago. And how our last winter there was awful. And how I was pregnant. And how I had to shovel myself out of our parking lot every single morning before work. And how I was really, really, really pregnant. And how my husband spent most of that winter on his away rotations for medical school. And how with my hormonal and emotional mind frame, I thought he must have strategically planned it this way. And how I made him feel bad every day when I would call him and say, "I'm really, really pregnant, and I shoveled myself out of my parking lot this morning, and you're in TX where it's 80 degrees, and I think I kind of hate your guts right now."


And then I thought about the time that I went to my 4-Runner after work and the door handles were frozen. And how it was too cold to go back in and ask for help. So I rolled down the window to the back hatch door and climbed through the entire 4-Runner to get to the driver's seat. And how I was 7 months pregnant. And how crazy and funny that must've looked to anyone who saw a huge, pregnant lady climb through her car. And how I really can't repeat the phone conversation I had with Jason later on that night. It was not pretty.


After I shoveled the driveway, I took the girls out in the snow. And of course they loved it. And I loved it because I got to experience the snow through their eyes.


And it made me realize that if the reward for being homebound is seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes when they play in the snow, then it's totally worth it.


And then I went inside and reminded Jason about our last winter in Chicago. And how I was really pregnant. And how I had to shovel myself out every morning. And how he was gone for most of that horrible winter.


I don't think I'll ever let him live that one down.


But can you really blame me?