Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Worse than a Man.

I should have never reprimanded my husband on this blog. It has come back to bite me. And it has to be blamed on 5 cupcakes and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Here's what happened.

This afternoon, Chloe woke up a little early from her nap. So I brought her onto the couch and we each had a leftover birthday cupcake from last night. I ended up having about 4 more, which reminds me why I don't keep cake products laying around my house. It's a self control issue. Anyhow, Chloe has been reintroduced to Yo Gabba Gabba (thanks, Jason) and she insisted that we watched this show. While on the couch, I was pondering the appeal of this show to small children. And then I started thinking about how the writers of this show must be taking and or smoking some non-prescription drugs.

During this think-fest, I went into a carb coma and I did something I said I would never do.

I fell asleep.

And then I abruptly woke up to Chloe screaming millimeters from my face, "Wake up, Mama!"

I knew that I couldn't have been asleep very long. But then I looked around and was proven wrong on the estimated time-frame. The Picasso in Chloe came out. Pencil and crayon everywhere. I have a beautiful blue mural on my wall and our marble coffee table has pencil markings all over it. In fact, it looks like she held the pencil on the coffee table and ran perfect circles around it. About 15,o00 perfect circles around the coffee table.

So if you remember, I told a story about my husband falling asleep while watching Chloe and I felt it only appropriate to tell my own. And while my husband's punishment was public humiliation, my subsequent punishment is washing the walls...and public humiliation. But I guess I don't really have any shame anyway. Nice.

If you happen to see my husband, please don't tell him about this. I still need to be able to lie to him and say, "I would NEVER do that."