Monday, March 7, 2011

Kids These Days

You invite your dear friend and her daughters (which happen to be your daughter's dear friends) over, and instead of playing together, they talk on their play cell phones the entire time.

I mean look at them. All three little goobers on their phones.

And look at this little sweetie pie. On her phone. Texting I can only assume.
Don't they know what we used to go through? We carried around 20 lb phones that were larger than doberman pinschers. And even if we did want to call our friends, we couldn't really do so because no one else had a gigantic cell phone. We had to page them. And even if we did get a hold of a friend on a cell phone, we would have to walk up hill (both ways, I might add) to find any sort of reception. And you better believe that when we did actually reach a friend, we didn't spend our time with them talking on the phone to someone else.

And now, kids with their tiny cell phones and millions of friends and busy schedules and 4G networks and excellent reception and data plans...

Can't they just learn to talk to the friends they're with?

And yes, we currently house three play cell phones. One is unique and two are exactly the same.

Since we only have three cell phones and Stella is the baby, she had to use a pretend remote control. She didn't care. Just as long as she fit in.

Kids these days.

Do they know what he used to have to do to fit in?

I'm not really sure what the answer to that question is, but I'm sure it involves something uphill (both ways).

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