Friday, March 11, 2011

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby.

If this picture does not prove that I will go to great lengths to:

1. Drink my beloved protein shake every morning, and

2. Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances wake my sleeping children

Then I don't know what will.

The other morning I was stuck in quite the perplexing situation. I really, really, really wanted a protein shake. To the point of almost turning on the blender inside, knowing that it would wake my, toddlers, whatever.

Instead, I used my ever-shrinking brain cells and devised a fantastic plan.

I decided to take it outside on the back porch.

So I blended my protein shake. At 6 AM in the morning. On the back porch. In my pajamas. In the cold. In the silence (sorry neighbors). On top of the girls' training potty.

And yes, potty training is just going so well that it is now a play toy in our back yard.


Happy Friday!


Gena said...

That made me laugh. So why again does it have to be on top of the potty?

Morgandi said...

It absolutely doesn't have to be there. I just ended up putting it there. It probably would've worked a whole lot better on the ground!

OK Chick said...

HAHA! This made me laugh.