Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny, Guilty Face and the Conspirator

If you want to see a face full of guilt, look no further.

I present to you, my daughter, who I now call,

"Guilty Face"

While she and her sister were supposed to be napping, the little stinker took down one of the picture frames from her wall.

Disassembled it.

Threw the picture on the floor.

And proceeded to pelt her bunny with the frame.

And I'd like to present to you daughter number two, who I now call,

Because I know, like only a mother knows, that this was Conspirator's idea and that she convinced Guilty Face to take action against her bunny.

And Conspirator tried to play it off by yelling, "Oh no! What happened?" when she went to check out the scene of the crime.

Nice cover-up.

These girls are up to no good, I tell you. No good.

Pretty soon they're going to be sneaking out at night to meet their friends at "Sesame Street Live."

You can start lighting candles for Guilty Face, Conspirator and they're very helpless parents now.


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