Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guilty Face Strikes Again

After my workout this morning, I went to pick up the girls in the Childcare room.

Chloe ran to me immediately, showing off the toy she was playing with.

Stella was in the high chair.

In trouble.

Her hair was a mess.

She looked like she had been crying.

She was wearing her Guilty Face.

I looked at the teacher with a bewildered look on my face, and she said, "Oh, man. Stella was something else today. She had to sit in the high chair most of the time because she was kissing all the boys."

I didn't move for about five seconds. And then I just leaned over, put my head in my hands and started laughing. I pulled her out of the high chair and smothered her with kisses.

My nearly 14-month old was terrorizing every boy there with her kisses. What am I going to do with this girl?

So remember those candles I asked you so kindly to light in my last post, strike a match and keep those babies burning.

Thanks again.

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OK Chick said...

I think it's cute.