Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Britney Spears Parenting 101

I would like to think that as a mother, I teach my children well. Especially in the moral department. I really do try to teach and show them good morals.

I had to think twice about what I was teaching my girls when I was on my way home from the office the other day.

While in the car after dragging the girls to the office to get a few things finished up, Chloe said from the backseat...

"I want beer."

"You want what, Chlo?"

"Beer. I want beer."

"You want WHAT?" I ask with sweat beginning to drip down my face.

"Beer." Now crying, "I want BEER. I waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnt BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER."

And this is the point when I almost wrecked the car. Almost fainted. Almost had a heart attack. I stared crying. Started questioning. Started wracking my brain. I began to question my moral education. My mothering. Everything. And then the worst thought of all occurred when I thought, 'this is what Britney Spears' kids must ask for. They probably ask for beer. In the world of parenting I'm equal to Britney Spears. I guess one of the girls should just hop in my lap while I'm driving if this is the parenting road my kids and I are headed down.'

When we were at a stoplight I turned around and looked at Chloe. Through her tears and through her beer tantrum, I finally saw what she was pointing at.

In her bag, was this...

A teddy beer. That she stole from the office. So while we're not 100% on our morals, hence the thievery, at least she's not asking for beer.

She only asks for her (stolen) teddy beer.


The Seat House said...

This is soooo funny! I've had some of these moments but they normally were saying what I hoped they were not!!!

Gena said...

Raegan said "Bamit" as an expression the other day and I almost stopped breathing. I don't know where that came from and there's no way she heard anything like that from our house! I asked her later what the word was and she said it was two words with bam at the beginning. At least she couldn't remember!