Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Actually, It was Great.

I can't let you think that the day was spent with the girls knocking me in the face. The most important factor of this whole day was that I was able to spend it with my mom. The most amazing mom a girl could have. This was my first to spend with her since becoming a mom myself. And that's pretty special.

After the picture fiasco, we just started swinging. And we spent most of that day under the trees. Swinging. And we were all pretty happy. And I didn't get smacked in the face once.

The sweetest gift I could've been given came from Chloe. As a general rule, our girls don't sleep in bed with us, unless of course they are scared or sick. Sunday night, as it was about to turn midnight, I hear Chloe let out a blood-curdling scream. I shot out of bed, ran into their room, assessed the situation in .42 seconds and realized that I had forgotten to turn on their nightlight. And nothing scares Chloe more than not having her nightlight on. So I took her out of bed and brought her to ours. She immediately fell asleep and I decided that I'd give her a few minutes and then put her back in bed. But I ended up falling asleep right along with her.

At about 2:00 AM, I was given the sweetest kiss. I woke up to Chloe about 2 inches from my face, patting my chest and whispering, "Sissy? Sissy?" I was so struck by how sweet, quiet, gentle and loving she was being.

"What is it, Chlo?" I asked her.

Still whispering, "Sissy? I want milk. I want blanket. I want bed."

I'm still not sure why she was calling me Sissy. She's called me mommy, momma, mom, Daddy, Morg and Morgandi. But never Sissy. It made me hopeful, because I can only believe that I look unbelievably young while I sleep. Much like her actual Sissy.

So I fixed her milk. Put her in bed. Turned on her nightlight. Tucked her in tight. And I got another kiss.

Before I shut the bedroom door, she said, "I love you momma."

There really is nothing better. I mean, I really enjoyed my gift of a miniature shopping spree at Forever21, but this beats cheap shirts and sunglasses any day. Well, not any day, but some days.
It's just one of those memories that I never want to forget.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! You all are very inspiring moms and women (and to the few male readers) men. But I guess you technically can't be a mom. So never mind. I'll get to you on Father's Day.


LYNN said...

I love every word you write! I soak it up. Love you!

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You're so pretty!

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