Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Most Annoying Runner You've Ever Seen

If you want to see the cheesiest and most annoying runner/blogger you've ever seen. Here she is.

Oh, wait. It's not that girl. She's my awesome running partner, Miranda. The annoying one is the girl behind her. Smiling like a lunatic. Doing her best Kate Middleton, uh...Princess Catherine wave to her billions of adoring fans. Or all six of them at least.

Today was my second half-marathon in OKC (first half was in Chicago), and it rained the entire time. To add to the rain was a little hail, gusty winds and chilly temperatures.

But I loved it. Every second of it.

If you want to be inspired, run with the great people of Oklahoma in less than ideal conditions. You will see the true spirit of the people. I honestly never heard a negative comment. And it was awesome to see people push through adversity and run their best. It made me feel so proud to be a part of such a great race.

A race that most importantly, remembers.
Even though we were freezing and soaking wet the entire 2:25:00, it was an awesome experience. One positive note (just to look on the bright side of things). The soaking wet aspect really helped when I peed my pants a little bit. I think it was camouflaged by the rain.

Gotta love pushing out babies.
Goodbye for now.


The most annoying, the cheesiest and the most over-sharing runner/blogger you've ever seen.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Love it! Great job! One of my other friends also appreciated the rain for that very same reason!

Whitney said...

Bahahaha, I love your candidness, as we all know it's so true! Great job on the run. I hope to run next year...I better start training now!

Miranda said...

It was the warmest I had been since we started the race...I'm just sayin'

ann said...

That's pretty awesome. You guys did a great job! Fact- when I ran long distance track in middle school, I may have peed my pants and passed it off as sweat. But not since then. :)