Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Your Everyday Text Message Conversation

A Conversation Between Jason and Myself: June 30, 8:19 AM

Me: You don't even want to know what one of our girls was doing when I went to get them out of bed this morning.

Lash: What!!!!!!!!

Me: Stella had her diaper off. Poop smeared everywhere. And she was eating it.

Me: I nearly vomited. Her poop had raisins in it.

Lash: Did u get her cleaned up or let her hang out a while?

Me: Seriously? You think I would just sit around and let her eat her raisin poop?

Lash: I was teasing!

Lash: Totally.

Lash: Total joke!

Me: I know! I was wondering why they were being so quiet in their room.

Me: I bet Chloe talked her into it. Chloe kept saying, "stinky, shooey, diaper."

Lash: Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Me: It was so gross. I put her in the bath and had to scrape the dried poop off of her fingernails with my fingernails. I could have died.

Me: It took me forever to get it off.

Me: I wish this would've happened to you. I don't think you would've made it through.

Lash: I'm gonna call in a minute.

Me: If I don't answer, I'm probably too busy vomiting in the toilet. Are you sure you wanna have more kids someday?

And I never received a response.


Ryan and Katie said...

my daughter did this too and after crying/laughing/cringing/cleaning it up/scrubbing ALL the crib rails with lysol wipes, my friend called to tell me her dr. told her it's ok if they eat THEIR OWN poop but if they eat someone else's it's harmful. WHAT?! I'm not ok with poop for any meal no matter whose it is!

Allison Harms said...


Gena said...

This, as usual, is great. Thanks for the early morning raisin poop laugh. My children will have died and gone to heaven if I share this with them.

hapi said...

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OK Chick said...

Funny...yet gross. :)