Friday, July 8, 2011

A Couple of Weirdos.

While I was showering the other morning, I let Chloe and Stella loose in our bedroom, praying that they would quietly watch The Mickey Mouse Club and not tear apart every single item in the room.

Mission accomplished.

But I couldn't help but notice what they were doing.

Chloe found her sunglasses.

And Stella found my shoe.

After Chloe realized she had her sunglasses on "incorrectly" (which means they were on the right way), she flipped them over to wear them "correctly". I cannot convince this girl that she wears them the wrong way. She has a freak flag, and she apparently likes to fly it.

And Stella continually tried to stick both of her feet in one of my shoes. This girl loves shoes and she has successfully worn and walked around in nearly every single pair of my shoes. And if you've seen my shoe collection, you know what an accomplishment that is for a 17-month old.

As I was watching them, I couldn't help but ponder the question. Future fashionistas or future weirdos? I can always hope for fashionistas. And that someday we will all be wearing our sunglasses upside down and we'll walk around with both feet in one pair of shoes.

But I'm betting on weirdos.

And I love it.

I wouldn't change anything about them.


kden said...

I just ran across your blog by clicking 'next', I like to do that on occasion. Totally adorable blog and kids. I like your saying about the 'freak flag' and may have use that sometime, ha.

Gena said...

Always pray for the freaks. They make life so much more interesting. Greyson has spent all week carrying around a handful of bloody feathers and foam violin. Ok, the feathers are really disgusting. Thank the Lord for your girls! ;)

Jayspee27 said...

I think freaks are perfect! Who doesn't have a freak flag, right?