Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And I thought we'd be home potty training.

I guessed wrong.

Instead we've been home puking, changing bedding, changing shirts, changing diapers, doing 8 loads of laundry, spraying down the house with Lysol, boiling toothbrushes, boiling sippy cups, boiling everything imaginable...

And then we ventured out of the house to run to the store for chicken soup and sprite. I thought the girls were finished puking and on the way up.


As I was wheeling the cart through Crest with cheetah-like speed, Chloe looked at me and I knew.

She puked all over the floor.

And I couldn't help but puke on the way home, hanging out the car door.

But the girls are napping. And it's been 3 hours without any sort of puke in sight.

I'm ready for the girls to stop looking like this.
And to look like this again.

Potty training will be saved for another day.


Whitney said...

I feel your pain...both of my boys have been home with that stuff all day! My first layer of skin may come off any moment from washing my hands so much. Hope everyone is better soon.

Shannon Stein said...

Awwe, I hope your girls are feeling better soon!