Friday, September 9, 2011

My Name is Morgandi. I'm a Mom.

The girls had their first day of Sonshine School yesterday. And I only took 80 pictures. You heard that right. 80. And I'm only posting 78 on here. Consider yourself lucky. It was really tough to decide which pics would make the cut.

And on a side note, you can totally skip this post unless you're one of our parents. I really think they'll be the only ones interested in the pics. My narrative, however, is anyone even interested in that? Probably not. Just look at the pictures. You'll get the gist. My kids first day of school. It's really a novel concept.

Chloe was so ready for school. We've been talking about it for weeks and she was pumped for the first day. She had an innate sense that first day of school pics were imperative to her mother's sanity, so she went for it.

She posed with her backpack.
With her dad.
With her crazy mom.
Her sister, on the other hand would not even whisper the name "Sonshine School". Or "school". Or "you'll have to be away from mommy for only 5 hours. You'll love it, I promise". And when her pictures started out with this face:
I knew we were going to be in for some interesting and entertaining pics. And I was right.

I just wanted one picture with my little baby and she had other things in mind. It's a sad progression. I'm just warning you now.
But then she fed into the excitement of it all and started dancing. And yelling "Sonshine School". She totally forgot that she would have to be away from mommy for 5 hours and went for it.

She danced her little heart out.
And danced.
And then she gave me an awesome dork face. Which you know I love more than anything.
And eventually, with my knees knocking from nervousness, we went to school. And we took them to their classrooms. As was predicted, Stella cried. And Chloe didn't even look back to say bye.
And Jason and I (eventually) left once I knew my Stelly Belly was okay. And we walked to the car and I only cried for a minute or five. It was a weird feeling, not having my girls with me.
But then we went to the grocery store and it was so peaceful. No screaming. No yelling. No sticking out like a sore thumb because of the noise that can come from my girls. At one point I did a little twirl in the aisle. Just like a figure skater. Or a ballerina. After I caught myself twirling, I realized that I had no idea why I felt the need to do this. It was a total out of body experience. Eventually I came up with three reasons. 1)It was such a calm trip to the store. 2) I had 5 hours of freedom 3) My shirt was so flowy and it looked really pretty when I twirled around.
I must confess that Jason and I played hooky for the day. We will both work while they're in school, but not on that first day. We seized the opportunity for a little bit of freedom. So we did the one thing that we haven't been able to do in a while.

We went to a movie. And ate Chinese food in the food court of the mall. And it was awesome.
And I cried through the whole movie. Cowboys and Aliens. Joke. That would just be pathetic. We saw The Help. Awesome movie. And while an emotional movie, I probably emoted a little too much. But it was a good excuse to get those first day of school tears out of the way. And also a good excuse to eat chocolate and drink a Dr. Pepper.
After our day of freedom was over, we picked the girls up from school. They did great. They were so tired and hungry and exhausted, and I was so happy to have them with me again. In that moment I felt so proud.

I love my girls. They mean everything to me.
And I'll go ahead and apologize to anyone who saw me perform my twirl at the store. I couldn't help it. My shirt was just so flowy. And I just felt so free.


Elizabeth Mullins said...

Absolutely love this post! Glad you had a twirly good day!

Gena said...

This post took a lot of work. I hope you didn't use any of your precious free time photoshopping pics! Glad you and Lash got to have a daytime date.

Allison Harms said...

Cute pictures!!!