Monday, October 17, 2011


I am 31. Officially. It is my birthday after all.

And it's been a good one.

The celebration started this weekend. All of my family came in town for my birthday dinner and we spent it at Othello's. Good food. Good atmosphere. Great company. 

I got about 50 pictures of Stella planting big kisses on her cousin Jack. Can't wait to show them these one day. Maybe on each of their first dates.

Chloe was not into the kissing. Not in the least. She taught him other things. Like ignoring your baby cousin.

And drinking out of a straw. All very important concepts.

 This was our side of the table. A bunch of winners if you ask me. Especially this one.

And these two as well.

After dinner we headed outside and stumbled across a block party. So of course the girls had to dance. 

And dance. (I have to tell you that they each got a set of dance skills from one of their parents. I'll never tell you which one got their dad's acceptable skills and my, well....I don't even know how to explain my dance moves.)

And even little Jack got in on the action. 

We took quite a few group shots and these are the best. I promise. I'm not kidding. Group pictures is really not our thing.

See what I mean? 

But in all honesty, my birthday weekend was awesome. I love being with my family and we had such a blast.

While I had major reservations about turning 30, 31 has been a breeze. I'm happy to be 31. Happy to be right where I am. 

Today has gone great. I knew it was going to be a good one when Chloe and Stella sang me Happy Birthday this morning. The best rendition I've heard yet. I had a nice 6.5 mile run, ate the rest of my birthday cake for breakfast, trained a few clients, spent the afternoon with my girls and I'm about to spend the evening with my guy. Can't beat that.

Here's to hoping for a great year! 


Newberry said...

Happy, happy birthday, Morgandi! It's great that all of your family got to help you celebrate. I wish we lived nearby so that Max could dance with Stella and Chloe. I have a feeling they would have a pretty good time. Miss you guys!

OK Chick said...

I love, love, love Othellos!

Happy Late Birthday! It looks like a great day.