Friday, November 4, 2011

No! Not Again!

 This is how Chloe looks after I take a shower. Let me repeat. When I take a shower. Completely and utterly soaked to the bone. 

I dread taking a shower while they're awake, which is why I try to squeeze one in before they wake up or during naps. But if I have to take a shower while they're awake (and let's just be thankful that I'm showering everyday) it becomes this huge ordeal.

I try to distract them with toys or snacks or Bubble Guppies, but the second they hear the water start running and the shower curtain close, I can hear the pitter patter of little feet. 

Then I hear, "Oh no! Mommy! Nooooo!"

And the shower curtain is ripped open.

And it is freezing and I start feeling a little exposed.

And when I think they're distracted, I slowly creep the shower curtain back closed, only to hear those feet running towards me again with Chloe screaming in the most terrified voice, 

"NO MOMMY! Oh no! Not again!!! Not again!!!!!!!!"


And the shower curtain gets ripped open again.

And she gets soaked.

And I'm freezing.

I mean, showers shouldn't be this dramatic. As far as I know, they've never seen me go into the shower and not come back out. I don't think they know about the secret passageway in our shower that leads to a faraway land. I mean, seriously. Girl needs to get a grip.

And her momma needs a shower.

Which we should all be thankful that I'm taking.


I'm so proud.

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