Monday, December 12, 2011

Shake it Out/Drown it Out

So, I've never claimed to be the best mom of all time. 

But I'm no idiot either.

Except for when it came to stashing their Christmas toys in the back of the car and forgetting about them.

When I got the girls into car for church on Sunday morning (and yes, Stella did look like that. She won't let me fix her hair anymore. She says, "No, Mama! No, Mama! My heeeeeeeeeeeeer {hair}!!!!" So I have given up. She looks like a wild woman.) I had a moment's panic when I looked in the back and saw the toys sticking out of the back in plain sight.

But since we were running about 15 minutes late, I just let it slide. They didn't notice the toys in the back, so I would take care of it when we got home.

As we were driving, jamming out to our usual Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I hit a little bump and heard- 

"Ring. Ring. Ring." (That's not exactly right, but it's the sound that all Tinkerbell toys make. A little jingle, if you will.)

I held my breath and gritted my teeth.

"Ring. Ring. Ring."

Chloe and Stella immediately turned their heads looking and asking for Tinkerbell.

This eventually turned into begging and crying for Tinkerbell.

I had two choices.

Show them their Christmas toys or change our tune.

I had no other choice but to change our tune. I turned off Twinkle, Twinkle, and jammed out to a little Florence and the Machine.

I turned up Shake it Out and sang at the top of my lungs.

And while I have to thank her for writing such an awesome song...a song that is really loud and allows me to sing really loud; I don't think her main intent when writing it was to drown out an idiot mother's poorly hidden Tinkerbell toy.

But it worked.

I couldn't help but write my own version... "Drown it out, drown it out, Drown it out, drown it out. Oh! It's hard to drive with Tinkerbell in the back, so drown her out. Oh!" 

That was bad. I promised myself I wouldn't share that. 

But I guess I share everything else. 

At least I wasn't writing about my panties. Right?