Monday, January 23, 2012

Look for me, I'm the girl in the Thunder shirt.

Jason and I are headed to our first Thunder game tonight. And I. Am. Pumped. 

While I was getting dressed tonight, I couldn't help but reminisce about a night 6 years ago. We were newly married, living in Chicago and were braving our first year of medical school.

I came back home to Oklahoma for an extended trip (the move was a little hard for me) and during that time, I went to a few OU Men's Basketball games with my dad. One particular game was a big game and it was televised. When my dad and I arrived to our seats, there were white shirts for us to wear.

"Oh great, it's a whiteout," my Dad said. I was obviously looking a little perplexed and he continued, "Everyone in the stadium wears a white shirt and it looks really great on TV."

I looked at the XXXXXL white shirt and sighed. I've never been one who enjoys dressing thematically and I was not thrilled about the idea that I absolutely had to wear the shirt so that I wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb. 

I waited until the very last minute before the game started, threw on the shirt and sat there in a slump. My dad noticed my apathy and being the ornery kind said, "You should call Jason, tell him where we're sitting, have him look for us on TV and tell him to look for the girl in the white shirt. That would  be hilarious."

Looking around, I looked at all the white shirts, looked at all the girls and thought, "this is genius."

I called Jason, who was still in Chicago, and had the following conversation.

Me: Hey, Jason. I think you'll be able to find me on TV. Are you watching the game?
Jason: Yes.
Me: Okay. We're sitting right behind the OU bench. Go 3 rows up and four people to the right. I'm the girl wearing the white shirt. You should be able to find me pretty easily.
Jason: Okay. Great. Bye. I'll look for you.

"That was really good," my Dad said.

"Yes. That was really, really good," I responded with a satisfied grin on my face.

Not 32-seconds later my phone rings...

Jason: Morgandi. Are you serious? You told me to look for a white shirt. And it's a whiteout!!!!!!!
Me: Yes. That was the joke. Because it's a whiteout.
Jason: Oh. That was funny. (Eventually laughing.)

You see, we hadn't been married very long and the endless amount of orneriness had yet to expose itself. What he thought was a blonde moment on my part, was in fact the very DNA of my personality and a joke.

He has learned since.

I think.

So look for me tonight on TV. I'll be the girl in the Thunder shirt by the tunnel where the teams comes out. 

I should be really easy to spot.

My shirt looks a little something like this...

And this...

And this...with my arms in the sleeves...

And this.
See you on the other side.

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