Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Might Be the Saddest Post Ever. But it Ends Well. I Promise.

Since the girls have gotten a little older, we have decided to dedicate a couple nights a month for special "date nights" with them. I get one. And the lucky one gets to go out on a date with their daddy.

Since Chloe is the oldest, she was up first for a date with Jason. I have never seen her more excited about anything. Except for cupcakes and birthdays. But who can blame a girl?

When they were ready to go, I grabbed my camera and headed to the front porch for pictures of the two of them. I totally thought that Stella wouldn't care; honestly, I didn't think she knew what was taking place. I was slightly wrong. What happened next was unexpected and completely broke my heart. 

In the words of Stella.
"Hey, guys. I guess I didn't hear mom say that it was time for pictures before date night. That's okay. I can open the door by myself." 

"I'm not wearing pants, but who likes wearing pants on date night? Not me, that's for sure. And who cares anyway. I get to go on a date with my daddy!" 

"Let me squeeze myself in here." 

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm not supposed to be in this picture?" 

Me: Because you're not supposed to be in the picture. *This is where I started crying.* 

"Why am I not in the car? I'm not going!! This is why I don't have pants on!!!!" 

"I. Want. to. Go." 

That was actually what she was saying when the picture was taken. Jason's expression sums up exactly how the both of us felt. And by this point I could barely pull myself together.  

But once we both recouped, we headed back inside and life resumed as normal. Except for that she played with every single toy she wanted to play with, completely uninterrupted. This is a rarity.

By this point I think she was starting to like this one-on-one thing. 

We went to Coolgreens and had an awesome salad and pizza. 

Which really isn't considered fair when Chloe and Jason went to Gatti's Pizza

But we had a great time. I love spending time with this girl. She is just the sweetest little thing.

And sneaky. She totally snagged a piece of pizza to-go and I had no idea until we were in the car. Sneaky I tell ya. Sneaky. I'm keeping my eye on this one.

Eventually we all met up at our regular ice cream joint, Braum's.
And I was back together with my silly-smiling little girl.

And Stella was right where she wanted be.

Right next to her daddy, on date night.

I promised it ended well.

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