Thursday, April 12, 2012

This isn't what your kids look like when they hunt Easter eggs?

Someone out there, please tell me your kid likes to Easter egg hunt in upside-down glasses and a sticker on the forehead.

This girl feels the need to accessorize in every way possible. She doesn't abide by the old adage of Coco Chanel, 

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

And to prove that she doesn't need to follow Ms. Chanel's advice, I'll tell you what she carried in her Easter egg basket.

Another pair of sparkly shoes. Just in case.

Once the sunglasses fell off (because she refuses to wear them anyway except for upside down which makes them a little hard to stay on), the Easter egg hunt commenced.

And it was a slow hunt because they felt the need to open each individual egg upon finding and eat the jelly beans inside.

Smart girls.

Which left plenty of time for me to find the ones filled with chocolate.
Really smart girl.

Look up in the tree! Your not going to believe it. But there's another egg up there. Chloe was hoping for another pair of sparkly shoes or a booklet of stickers. Stella's just hoping for another jelly bean.

Sweet sisters with weird facial expressions.




They really love taking pictures with me.

And have you ever seen a better family photo? At least Jason and I know how to look at the camera. For the most part.

Hope all of you had a great Easter with lots of leftover chocolate.

And I also hope that your kids aren't as weird as mine.

Or maybe I do. It sure is a lot of fun to laugh at with them.


Allison Harms said...

Oh my gosh! Your girls are absolutely precious. I can't get over it! They seem like they are a BLAST!!!

Morgandi said...

Thanks! They are a hot mess, but a lot of fun.

Joe and Talsie said...

No worries! Micaiah dressed like a cowboy with yellow rain boots for most of Easter but especially the family portraits. It sounds like he and Chloe would get along well in the originality department!