Monday, April 9, 2012

Why My Mom Should Be on Facebook: Reason 8,536

My mom misses out on so much by not being on Facebook. Not that I post a ton of pictures, but I do post some that never make it to my blog. She always says, "I don't see the pictures if they're not on your blog." 

And if my mom hasn't noticed, I'm a major slacker on my blog as of late.

Mom, that's why we need you on Facebook. ASAP. I'll set it up for you and everything.

And Mom, if you were on Facebook, I could just post these pictures, tag you and they'd be all yours.

And I wouldn't have to embarrass you on my blog.

In all seriousness, my Mom saved my life yesterday. And she saved Easter. 

I ran 20 miles on Saturday for marathon training, and I was pretty puny all weekend. If a task (like making Easter baskets, dying Easter eggs, buying Easter dresses and cooking Easter dinner) didn't include lying on the couch, it wasn't going to get accomplished.

So she saved the day.

And made it a really, really fun day.

 Thanks Mom for making Easter really special for us! 

And I'll make your life more special by signing you up on Facebook, okay??


MaKenna said...

she is so wonderful, and it doesn't hurt that she is so beautiful!

Michelle said...

I remember my 20 mile prep run well, it snowed, we went to a hornets/suns game that night, then had to drive to Denton after the game.....oh life before kids, I miss you!

The Woolverton World said...

sign her up!! My mom loves facebook and all the pictures! lol (and go morg on the 20 miles!)

Anonymous said...

I want to be one of your Mom's first Facebook friends. Your Mom is a very beautiful woman. I told her so. The girls are so pretty. I love these pictures. Such a happy bunch of girls.
Mikey the Elf