Friday, May 18, 2012

Swaddle Baby.

If you know anything about me, you know that there's nothing more that I love more than a swaddled baby. In fact, one of my friends is about to deliver her third girl in a couple of weeks (bless her soul), and every time I see her, I mention how much I can't wait to swaddle her new baby.

She suggested some sort of swaddling rehab. Point taken.

I didn't really understand the joy and necessity of swaddling until I became a mom. And now, I could swaddle and do the stand-up-and-bounce-while-rocking-back-and-forth-thingy with a baby for a really long time. It's my favorite (as long as I don't have to wake up with them in the middle of the night.).

I guess that love was passed on to my oldest. She's been carrying her swaddled monkey around for two days straight.

With the way things are headed...

She'll probably have to go to rehab with me too. (Doesn't she look so old??)

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! Go Thunder!!!!!!


Cara Linn said...

You won't be alone in Swaddle Rehab. I don't even have my own babies yet, and I'm obsessed. There's something wonderfully therapeutic about a warm baby against your chest while you sway and "shhhh."

I'm Cindi... said...

Me too, Morgandi! With my oldest one I actually missed feeding him bright and early in the morning when it was still dark out and no one else was awake - the feeling that we were the only two people in the world. And with my second, I miss being able to swaddle him up so tight I could bounce him off the floor. He's 16 months, and I swear I can't part with one swaddling blanket because there's just too many good memories there. Love little babies wrapped up like little burritos! :)

Whitney said...

Oh my Lord she's adorable! :)