Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Same Person.

Just pay attention to Stella and Jason for the next few pictures. 

I swear they are the same person.

Same smile.

Same "come on Chloe, quit pouting and smile" face. 

Same consolation style....because Chloe was upset about the sparkly shoes she had to wear to school that day. Pouting about shoes. That is 100% me.

And this picture is not so similar, but oh, so funny. This is how Stella posed...for about 5 shots. She is hilarious.

And I'd like to think she got 100% of her humor from me.

Poor kid. It's a good thing she at least got her daddy's looks.


Aubrie said...

That last picture of Stella is amazing.

Gena said...

I can hear your laughter coming out of her smiles. A Jason look alike with Mama's humor. Love it.

Michelle said... funny!

Allison Harms said...