Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Months.

We are going to something really fun and very innovative.

We are going to compare all of my children at 3 months of age.

You're intrigued, right?

And then we are going to see who looks more like whom. Whom looks like whom? Who looks like who?

Anyway, we're doing something along those lines. I think this might be the first time anyone has ever posted such a thing.

Here they are. All three little Lashleys at 3 months of age.

Guess which one is which. (And please ignore the fact that one of these pictures is a repeat from my last post. At least I changed it from black and white to color.)

The order is.......drumroll..... Emmett, Chloe, Stella. 

To me, he looks so much like both. As long as he doesn't behave like either one of them he has a lot of cuteness in his future. 

But I don't know, he sure does have that same twinkle in his eyes..

I think I'm in for it.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Whoever Said.

I really thought I was going to let this thing die. And by this thing. I mean this blog. I was ready to let it have the sad, slow embarrassing death it deserved.

But I've changed my mind.

I got things to say, people.

Whoever said the transition from two to three kids was easy was big old liar. I don't think anyone actually told me that, but I thought it would be easier than what it really is.

But in the craziness that is now my life, there have been some pretty awesome moments. Our family feels complete and we really do love being together.

I mean, how can you not love these precious faces?

The past few months have been transition after transition after transition. And I think I'm able to finally put thought to keyboard and revive this sad, little blog.

Consider yourself warned.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Little Weirdos.

Let's count them. 1.2.3.
There is an actual order to their levels of weirdness. But a mom never reveals those kinds of things.

I'll let you guess.

Anyhoo...I'm instagram-ing. And I'm obsessed. Here's the link if you're interested. 

But I'm sure you're not. 

Which makes you wise. Very, very wise.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Precious Heart.

I have to say that this post has been a while in the making. And if I'm being honest, I didn't know if I would ever post anything about this. I feel and have felt hesitant for a few reasons. The last thing I would ever want to do is to use my child's health to garner attention. I could talk about my kids day in and day out in regards to light-hearted issues, but the opposite would never and will never be easy for me to do. Secondly, I do not want to be dramatic. What I am posting about is not the worst thing that could happen. There have been too many circumstances in the lives of those around me that have been tragic. This is not tragic. And I have been constantly reminded of this. And finally, in spite of blogging openly about being a mom and the hilarity that accompanies having kids, I am a private person. I hold so many things close to the chest. And this is one that I have held the dearest. I have had to accept and deal with our circumstance, and it has taken me a while. A lot of prayer. A lot of tears. A lot of soul-searching and a lot of trust has brought me to the point where I'm ready to share our story.

On February 5, I dropped the girls off at school and headed to Emmett's first doctor's appointment with our pediatrician. The appointment was going normally...Emmett looked great, until he listened to Emmett's heart. Our pediatrician looked at me and said very calmly, "I hear a murmur in his heart."

"What does that mean?" I asked. My own heart beginning to race.

"It means that he probably has a small hole in his heart. These usually close up on their own (in a few years) and it's nothing to worry about for now. He will need to have an ultrasound within the next week or so. As soon as I get the results I will give you a call."

Now here's the part where I pretended to be a duck. You know, calm on top of the water but you're paddling like hell underneath. Instead of my ears ringing and my head spinning with shock, I just listened and continued breathing and asked a few questions. After reassuring me several times that Emmett was not in any danger, we left with our ultrasound appointment scheduled.

The second I got to the car I began crying and called Jason. Shaken up himself, he called our pediatrician and asked more questions. Jason called me back and reassured me that everything was going to be okay. That Emmett was going to be okay. He also said that our doctor was expecting a phone was obvious to him that I was upset. So much for being a duck. Jason and I decided to keep the news to ourselves; at least until we learned more after the ultrasound. Until we knew the severity of the murmur, we were not going to panic. Easier said than done.

On February 14, I took Emmett to Children's Hospital for his ultrasound. I was scared out of my mind. I just had this feeling that we were not going to get the news we were wanting. But I was still hopeful. Scared, but hopeful. Being that it was Valentine's Day (the irony was not lost on me), some of the patients at the hospital were in the lobby to celebrate the day. Looking around at all of the precious kids who had serious issues, I was reminded that Emmett's murmur (if it was in fact a due to a hole in his heart) was minor in comparison. I was going to walk out of the hospital with my child that day. And I kept reminding myself of that fact.

During the ultrasound, I continually pestered the poor technician for information. She assured me that after she did the test, she would take the results to the cardiologist. If there wasn't a serious issue, she would send us home and our pediatrician would call us with the results in a day or so. If there was an issue, the cardiologist would come in and talk to me. When the technician left to consult the cardiologist,  I sat and waited, holding my precious baby. All I could think was, 'who is going to walk through that door? The cardiologist or the technician?' I don't think I've ever prayed harder than I did in the 10 minutes we waited. Throughout my prayers, I could feel them being answered. While I didn't think we were going to get the news that we wanted, I knew that God was going to take care of us and that everything would be okay.

As I knew, the cardiologist walked in. My heart sank. I was hoping it would be the technician telling us to go home with a wink and a nod, but it was the cardiologist. With serious news. We found out that Emmett has a VSD 4-5 mm in size. As the cardiologist explained, this was neither the smallest nor the largest hole she's seen in her career. It's moderate. She assured me that Emmett was not in any danger and that he would go on to live a very normal life. On the scale of all Congenital Heart Defects this is the most treatable and the most common. It is so common in fact, that 1 in 100 babies are born with VSDs. In terms of treatment, it often requires nothing. The hole closes up and it never causes any problems. For others, it causes problems in terms of growth and surgery is required to close the hole. But the good news is once the hole is closed, a normal life resumes.

So what does this mean for our sweet Emmett? For now, it means regular trips to the doctor to ensure that things are going normally for him, and it also means that we watch his eating habits at home. Thankfully for right now, his VSD is not causing any problems. If it does begin to present problems, he will more than likely need surgery. And our doctor thinks that due to the size of the hole, surgery is more likely than not. But at this point, we just don't know. We watch and we wait.

The best advice our pediatrician and cardiologist both gave us is to go on with life. Treat him normally. Treat him just as we would if nothing were wrong. And that is just what we have done. Life has gone on. And while we know it's there, we don't dwell on it. We are incredibly hopeful that a miracle will happen and that the hole will close on its own. And if it doesn't, we know that he will be in the best hands in terms of treatment and care. As crazy as it sounds, our life has been so blessed by everything that has happened. In so many ways we've never been happier. We have leaned on each other more and we are learning to live in the moment. We have no choice but to live in the moment. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Time with our children is not guaranteed. We have to be thankful for what we've been given. It doesn't mean that we haven't had moments of complete sadness and fearfulness, but God has been faithful. And in return, we are very, very thankful.

And since we have been advised to go on with life and treat Emmett normally, you can expect this blog to turn back to what it always making fun of my kids. Emmett now included. I mean, if your mom can't make fun of you, who can? And hopefully one day, we will write a post about a miracle.

In the meantime, we will continue praying. We will continue hoping. And we will forever be thankful for our precious boy and his beautiful and precious heart.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Comparison.

Just a fun little newborn comparison.

Chloe and Emmett.

Stella and Emmett.

I'm not really sure who he looks more like.

My mom says it best when she says, "He just looks like Emmett."

And in even more exciting news that really only excites me, I've heard more people say that he looks like me.

This is the first time I've heard those words uttered. 

And you know I secretly love it.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Emmett Jones

This is a very belated post, but we are so thrilled to announce the arrival of Emmett Jones Lashley. He was born on January 28th at 3:57 PM. He weighed 6 lbs, 8 oz and was 18.5 inches long. And if you're doing the math, he's 4 weeks old today. I know, I know....we've been a little busy to say the least.

I had a really great delivery and it was so wonderful to be in Oklahoma for his birth. You just can't beat the support of family and friends.  

From the get go, this little guy has been quite possibly the easiest baby ever. Relaxed and easy going doesn't even begin to describe it.  

I keep telling people that he has the innate sense that if he is going to survive in the world (and by that, I mean survive his two crazy sisters) that he is just going to have to go with the flow.

And that he does. We are all enamored with him. But I don't think one could be more in love with him than his two sisters. They are very sweet and very protective of him.

They also like to do the things that sisters sticking their fingers in his eyes, kissing him on the mouth, and laying on top of him to give him a hug. They're learning how to be gentle and I know that Stella will catch on one day. Maybe when he's 12. Maybe. 

I'm adjusting to having three little ones and lucky for me, I've had lots and lots and lots of help. Goodness knows I need it.

While I was pregnant with Emmett, I was so excited to be having a boy. However, I didn't know what it would be like. I wasn't sure how I would feel. I knew that I would love him, but I didn't know what it would be like raising a boy. But I fell in love with him the second they put him on my chest.

And when I say fell in love, I mean the head over heels kind.

I love him for everything he is and wouldn't trade one single thing about him.

He is so, so perfect. And so incredibly sweet.

And did I mention how easy he is?

We love our precious boy so much. He is everything we could've ever hoped for.

And someday I will try to explain why it only took me four weeks to blog about him.

Your therapy is paid for, my love.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Stella!

Happy 3rd Birthday, my precious Stella Elizabeth!

We love you more than you can ever imagine. 

You surprise us with your wit, charm, humor, stubborn personality and intelligence. You give the best hugs out of any person I've ever known. And your sweet little kisses are pretty great.

I love the way your little mind thinks. And I love that you are in so many ways exactly the opposite of me. You remind me so much of your daddy and that is a good, good thing.

I love you because I am reminded every day what a gift from God you are. He couldn't have made you more perfect. And you, my dear, always know that you are loved.
Happy Birthday, Stelly Belly!

Friday, January 25, 2013


The previous post is part of a presentation that Jason is doing this afternoon. So feel free to skip it. Not that anyone besides my mom looks at my blog anymore...but just in case you accidentally hop onto this page, I hope you can excuse the cheesiness below!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Cowboys.

Today was the girls' second Western Day at Sonshine School...and the second year they insisted I call them cowboys and not cowgirls. 

Love that.

Little do my cowboys know that I bought these outfits for them an hour-and-a-half before Sonshine School this morning at Walmart; washed and dried; and thanked God above that I did not forget Western Day.

One day they will know these things about me:

1.) What a bad memory I have.
2.) How cheap I truly am. And, 
3.) How I almost ruined Western Day 2013.

But today I'm the mom who surprised them with new cowboy boots and cowboy hats.

And they think I'm pretty awesome.

They'll soon find out otherwise.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One of the many reasons God gave me my oldest.

Because unbeknownst to me, while I was cooking dinner...

 Chloe started the girls' bath, turned down their beds and picked out their pajamas.

She wasn't even asked to do so.

This is why she is my oldest.

And why she'll be in charge of the 3 AM feeding.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Very Blurry 38 Weeks.

You know it's your third when this is the best belly shot you can get.

 All I can say is I tried....not very hard...but I tried.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fully Committed.

This morning while I was getting dressed, I overheard Chloe "turn" Stella into a puppy dog. After I fixed their breakfast and put it on the kitchen table, I came back a few minutes later to find Chloe eating her breakfast...

And Stella, well...she was eating her cereal on the floor.

This girl sure does know how to commit to her role. 

And Chloe has never looked more smug. I can't blame her. That was a pretty good one to pull on your sister, if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Sister Class.

In preparation for the boy's arrival, Chloe took a big sibling class at the hospital on Monday. Stella missed the age cutoff by a month and the hospital would. not. budge.

Chloe was so excited about our little date night that she chased me around the house all day Monday yelling,

"Mom!!! Don't leave without me!!!!!"

During her class she learned all about the hospital and all about a new baby.

She practiced changing diapers and swaddling.

She is a pro at swaddling and I think she might love it as much as I do. A girl after my own heart.

And then I took her to Walgreens to eat dinner. It was actually Coolgreens, but I couldn't convince her that was the name of the restaraunt. I took her picture and she posed like this...

And this...

She is a little ham. But she is my girl and I suspect she is going to be a big help once her little brother gets here. Love her so much!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When you name is Chloe. Permanent marker is your medium. And you feel the need to express yourself.

The markings go up the front of her arm and hand too.

Not to be outdone by her sister, while Chloe was getting her artistic mojo on, Stella was simultaneously standing on the bathroom counter smearing handsoap all over the mirror.

Safety first at the Lashley house.

The girls are taking full advantage of their mom while she is still not feeling 100%.

Well played, Chloe and Stella. Well played.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Everything In Between.

Life around the holidays is so busy. Every year I always wonder how it will be pulled off. I tend to procrastinate up until the very last minute...get everything finished up....and then think that it wasn't so bad after all and that in the next year I will not procrastinate. In spite of all of the anxiety that goes along with the holidays, I always end up having a great time. Nothing beats spending time with your family...and we were lucky enough to have both of our families come to our house which made my 35-week pregnant heart so happy. I got to sleep in my bed every night. Such a relief.

After the holidays were over, life was to resume and I was going to begin getting ready for the baby. 

Then I hurt my back. I couldn't stand up straight.

Then Chloe got the flu.

Then I got the flu.

Then Stella got the flu.

Jason took tamiflu and cared for all of us. 

And two weeks later, the girls are great and I'm still a little sick of course.

Now I'm full-term at 37 weeks.

Baby clothes still need to be washed and the crib is in the garage somewhere.

In the middle of the deliriousness that accompanies the flu, my Grandpa Whitehead was put on hospice care. Needless to say it was a very emotional time and this past Wednesday he passed away. His service was on Saturday and it was so beautiful. To say that he was a great man doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of his life and how much he meant to everyone in it. 

After his service, Jason and I were talking about memories of my Grandpa and the thought hit me,

"That was it. That was his life."

And I do not mean that to sound trite. He lived more life than most could squeeze into three lives, but the finality of life really hit me. Births are significant. Death is significant. But it's everything in between that matters.

When I think about the struggle the past weeks have been and other struggles in my life, I think about the grand scheme of things and I can't help but feel really blessed. Knowing that this time in my life will be nothing but a memory and a story, adds a lot of perspective. Knowing that I will look back one day and laugh and smile about the time before my baby boy was born, brings me a lot of peace and comfort. So what if we're sick? So what if the house is a mess? So what if heaven forbid he is born without his coming home outfit washed?

This is the stuff that matters. These are the times that will be fondly remembered.

This is the good stuff.

It's the everything in between.

Grandma and Grandpa Whitehead.