Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Sister Class.

In preparation for the boy's arrival, Chloe took a big sibling class at the hospital on Monday. Stella missed the age cutoff by a month and the hospital would. not. budge.

Chloe was so excited about our little date night that she chased me around the house all day Monday yelling,

"Mom!!! Don't leave without me!!!!!"

During her class she learned all about the hospital and all about a new baby.

She practiced changing diapers and swaddling.

She is a pro at swaddling and I think she might love it as much as I do. A girl after my own heart.

And then I took her to Walgreens to eat dinner. It was actually Coolgreens, but I couldn't convince her that was the name of the restaraunt. I took her picture and she posed like this...

And this...

She is a little ham. But she is my girl and I suspect she is going to be a big help once her little brother gets here. Love her so much!

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