Monday, January 14, 2013

Everything In Between.

Life around the holidays is so busy. Every year I always wonder how it will be pulled off. I tend to procrastinate up until the very last minute...get everything finished up....and then think that it wasn't so bad after all and that in the next year I will not procrastinate. In spite of all of the anxiety that goes along with the holidays, I always end up having a great time. Nothing beats spending time with your family...and we were lucky enough to have both of our families come to our house which made my 35-week pregnant heart so happy. I got to sleep in my bed every night. Such a relief.

After the holidays were over, life was to resume and I was going to begin getting ready for the baby. 

Then I hurt my back. I couldn't stand up straight.

Then Chloe got the flu.

Then I got the flu.

Then Stella got the flu.

Jason took tamiflu and cared for all of us. 

And two weeks later, the girls are great and I'm still a little sick of course.

Now I'm full-term at 37 weeks.

Baby clothes still need to be washed and the crib is in the garage somewhere.

In the middle of the deliriousness that accompanies the flu, my Grandpa Whitehead was put on hospice care. Needless to say it was a very emotional time and this past Wednesday he passed away. His service was on Saturday and it was so beautiful. To say that he was a great man doesn't even begin to scrape the surface of his life and how much he meant to everyone in it. 

After his service, Jason and I were talking about memories of my Grandpa and the thought hit me,

"That was it. That was his life."

And I do not mean that to sound trite. He lived more life than most could squeeze into three lives, but the finality of life really hit me. Births are significant. Death is significant. But it's everything in between that matters.

When I think about the struggle the past weeks have been and other struggles in my life, I think about the grand scheme of things and I can't help but feel really blessed. Knowing that this time in my life will be nothing but a memory and a story, adds a lot of perspective. Knowing that I will look back one day and laugh and smile about the time before my baby boy was born, brings me a lot of peace and comfort. So what if we're sick? So what if the house is a mess? So what if heaven forbid he is born without his coming home outfit washed?

This is the stuff that matters. These are the times that will be fondly remembered.

This is the good stuff.

It's the everything in between.

Grandma and Grandpa Whitehead.

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Kathy aka Pie said...

I had someone tell me that it's not the dates on a headstone that are important, it's the dash in the middle that we remember.

Myra's other Aunt Kathy