Monday, January 16, 2017

Here I Go. Here I Go. Here I Go Again. Girls, What's Your Weakness....?

Not blogging for two years, allegedly.

I feel the need to do the obligatory mic tap...Hello?...*tap tap tap* this thing on?

We shall see. 

So hey there. It's me. My name is Morgandi. I like to rap in the titles of my blog posts. I love a cheeseburger. And I've had this thing on private mode since July of 2014. Nothing has been added. Nothing has been changed. It's just been a time of much needed privacy and change and growth. Lots and lots and lots of growth.

I'm not really sure where to start, and whether I'll ever fill in the gap. But I feel the need to start. And this might be prompted by a New Year's resolution, but that doesn't negate that I've missed writing. It's something I love so dearly. And I've missed this community.

Hopefully my little story will give some laughs, share some insight and possibly be an encouragement to others. Because, aren't we all just trying our best?

So I'll leave you with a couple of pictures. This way you won't be confused when I start posting pictures and you don't recognize my three because they've grown so.

Here they are Christmas morning, 2016.

Stella, Emmett and Chloe (with stellar bed head...they learned it from me).

And this is us. (By the way have you watched, This is Us. Holy moly tear fest.)

See you all soon.

Good to be back.